We are all equal at the ballot box, but only if we vote. We engage millions of voters every year ensuring Americans have the information they need to participate in elections that determine our future.

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Thank Election Workers
Public Statement

[SEATTLE, WASHINGTON] – The League of Women Voters of Washington President Mary Coltrane released the following statement condemning the interference with state elections offices:  

The League advocates for issues but does not support or oppose any candidates for office. Every League Board of Directors at each level is required to have a non-partisan policy. The League does not have a single policy that covers all Leagues. A link to the nonpartisan policy of the LWV of the Cooperstown area is available on our website.

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Circle Conversations Aim to Reduce Polarization. The four Fall sessions will be held on October 5 and 19 and November 2 and 16 from 6-8 pm at the Oneonta First Presbyterian Church, 381 Main Street, Oneonta.


The League of Women Voters of Washington believes it is the responsibility of the government to provide support for conditions under which credible local journalism can survive and thrive.
State Senator Becker
Event Date: 
Feb 17 2023 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

In these days of cynicism about politics, voters need to hear about how our legislators overcome political constraints to make policies for the common good.

Hand casting a ballot
Event Date: 
Oct 13 2022 07:00 pm
Event location: 

Toyota Meeting Hall

Video link: Youtube

Pro's and Con's for Ballot Measures October 13th 2022 at Toyota Meeting Hall, 7pm

cover of Ezra Klien Book Why we're polarized
Event Date: 
Feb 28 2023 06:00 pm
Event location: 

Clark Sports Center Community Room

Join the League for Part II of our ongoing discussion of how we can reduce polarization.

Chua book cover Political Tribes
Research & Studies

LWV Cooperstown Area's  Long-Term Reducing Polarization Project

Candidates Forum
Event Date: 
Sep 19 2021 05:00 pm

Meet your candidates for Lawrence City Commission and USD 497 School Board on Zoom. Our "speed dating" format will allow you to talk with each candidate in a fairly small setting.

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