Agnes Slosson Lewis Award

Agnes Slosson Lewis Award

Awarded annually to a woman exemplifying outstanding contributions to and participation in civic affairs

2022 Award

The Agnes Slosson Lewis Award dinner has been scheduled for Monday, June 27.  The League is currently taking nominations for this year's award (see nomination information below) through June 1  Inquiries can be made to Karen McNamara (secretary) at kmcnamara190 [at]

2019 Award

The League of Women Voters of Geneva honored Sage Gerling, City Manager of the City of Geneva with the League's 2019 Agnes Slosson Lewis Award at its annual dinner onJune 12, 2019 at the historic Stewart House on the Lochland School campus in Geneva.

The award is given in honor of Agnes Slosson Lewis, one of the region's most active suffragists and a founder of the League of Women Voters of Geneva, and the League of Women Voters of New York State. First given in 1960, the award recognizes women for leadership ability and inspiration to others, as well as broad interest in the community and good government.

Sage Gerling exemplifies those attributes. Her volunteer work in Geneva includes sustained Board leadership at the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva at the Geneva Community Center, and organizer of the Geneva Green Schools initiative. She has also dedicated her time and talents to the Girls Scouts, and to the Presbyterian Church in Geneva.

Her groundbreaking leadership and innovation in her work as the City of Geneva's Director of Neighborhood Initiatives from 2012 to 2018 is well known locally, and has made a tremendous impact on the quality of life for Geneva's residents. In 2018 she became City Manager for the City of Geneva where she continues to lead with vision and dedication.

The speaker for the evening was Deborah Hughes, President and CEO of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester, NY.

ASL Nominating Form

The Agnes Slosson Lewis Award Nomination

The Agnes Slosson Lewis Award is given in honor of one of the founders of both the Geneva league and the New York State League of Women Voters. First given in 1960, the award recognizes women for leadership ability and inspiration to others as well as broad interest in the community and in good government over an extended period of time. Both volunteer and paid work experiences are considered.

Any citizen may nominate a woman who lives or serves within the area comprising the League of Women Voters of Geneva. Please include the following information with each nomination:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Address of Nominee
  • Name(s) of Nominator(s)
  • Address and Phone of Nominator(s)

In support of your nomination, please provide as much information as possible for the committee, using the following outline. Attach a separate page with the following information.

  • Contributions to Civic Affairs (attach news clippings, in any)
  • Demonstrated Leadership Ability
  • Interest in Good Government (at any level)
  • Volunteer Activities (list and describe, give approximate number of years of involvement, if possible)
  • Additional Comments (please attach additional sheets if you need more space)

ASL Past Recipients

The Agnes Slosson Lewis Award is given annually to a local woman for outstanding contribution to and participation in civic affairs. Here is the list of past honorees. (Some years the award was not given.)

1960 Mrs. George Parmelee
1961 Blanchard Bartlett
1962 Mary Adams
1963 Lucy Glunz
1964 Edna Brownlee
1965 Susan Chapman
1966 Helen Maney
1967 Molly Lydenberg
1968 Marguerite Firoozi
1969 Beulah Glasgow
1970 Mary Jeanne Grabman
1971 Marleah Tyndall
1972 not given
1973 Rosa Blue
1974 Mary Mann Moyer
1975 Rhoda Brown
1976 Virginia Barton
1977 not given
1978 Margaret Wyckoff
1979 Lucile Harford
1980 Shirley Thibault
1981 Jane Bennett Brown
1982 Jane Molodetz
1983 Elizabeth Heaton
1984 Elizabeth Odell
1985 Shirley Brind
1986 Jane Bentsen
1987 Margaret Bonney
1988 not given
1989 Barbara Springstead
1990 Nettie Scoon
1991 not given
1992 Patrisha Blue
1993 Mary Luckern
1994 Joanne Wisor
1995 Elizabeth White
1996 Lucile Mallard
1997 Heather Aten
1998 not given
1999 Karen Fouracre
2000 Eva Steadman
2001 Jane Howland
2002 Catherine Barnard
2003 Norma Lamberson
2004 Mary Miller
2005 Martha Wilson
2006 Kim Reisch
2007 Mary Hosking

2008 Barbara Lamb
2009 Jacqueline Augustine
2010 not given
2011 not given
2012 Alaine Espenscheid
2013 Alejandra Molina
2014 Martha Davis
2015 Trina Newton
2016 Barbara Roesch Rokow
2017 Mary Lee Bourbeau
2018 Kim Aliperti

2019 Sage Gerling