Court Watchers

Court Watchers

The Court Watch Project

The Court Watch project, created and overseen by the League of Women Voters, sends monitors into local courtrooms to observe proceedings. In its publication Eye on the Courts, which appears three times a year, the monitors provide comments about what they have witnessed, offer an impartial assessment of local courts' operation, and advocate for a fair and equitable justice system.

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The comments presented in the Eye are personal opinions and observations and do not necessarily reflect those of the Court Watch organization or of the League of Women Voters. Use of this information in campaign advertising or literature, or to promote a particular viewpoint, is forbidden. Judges and attorneys are identified by personal identification numbers (PIN) in parentheses, because the comments are intended only to inform those who work in the court system about exemplary circumstances and areas that may warrant examination and improvement.

Court Watch volunteers meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the south parlor of The Presbyterian Church in Geneva. At these meetings, they share their courtroom experiences and/or listen to a guest speaker on some topic connected to the justice system. All are welcome at these meetings. Anyone interested in becoming a monitor should contact Judith McKinney at  jmck [at]

Read the most recent issue (Spring 2020) of our publication, Spring 2020 Eye on the Court.PDF icon <br>

Eye on the Courts

Here is the archive of previous Eye on the Courts newsletters

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