Criminal Justice Roundtable

Criminal Justice Roundtable

Criminal Justice Reform

From Vision to Reality: TREC* Revisited

NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls, Co-chair of TREC

speaks to LWVPT

*Task Force for Racia Equity in Criminal Justice

From the NC Council of Churches

A resolution to change the cash bail bond system, unanimously approved June 7, 2022; posted August 8th, 2022.

Tricia de Beer on Fox News

Watch Tricia de Beer, co-chair of our Criminal Justice Roundtable (CJRT) on Fox News advocating for driver's license restoration. The CJRT, along with partner organizations, is working to address the problem in Guilford County which has the highest number of suspended licenses in the state.



The Criminal Justice Roundtable supports a criminal justice system that will result in a reduction in the rate of incarceration that has increased over the past several decades while minimizing crime and maximizing the safety of our communities. Currently our main focus centers on two issues: Driver’s license restoration and Cash Bail.

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Driver's License Restoration

Driver's License Restoration refers an effort to return driver’s privileges to over 40,000 Guilford County residents who have lost them due to inability to pay court costs.

More about Driver's License Restoration

Cash Bail

Cash Bail covers all the issues that penalize people in the criminal justice system (even before trial) who cannot pay excessive fines and fees.  

More about Cash Bail

Meeting and Contact Information

Interested in reforming our criminal justice system to assure equitable treatment for all our citizens? Want to stop the criminalization of poverty? Due to COVID-19, we are not meeting in-person. The Roundtable regularly meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 3-4:30 p.m. Contact Tricia de Beer or Mary Nelle Smith, co-chairs of the Criminal Justice Roundtable at cjrt [at]


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