Immigration Policy Reform Roundtable

Immigration Policy Reform Roundtable

Immigration Rally

"Immigration Rally" by Boss Tweed is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Immigration Policy Reform Roundtable

The Immigration Policy Reform Roundtable (IRT) of the League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad serves as a welcoming and affirming presence to immigrants and refugees in our area.  Our work includes community-based research on how immigration laws impact the lives of newcomers, public educational programs about immigration issues, policy recommendations, and advocacy with elected officials.  While the Roundtable is made up of individual members, our work is guided by immigrant-led and immigrant-serving organizations.

For more information, contact Gary Kenton at immigrationreform [at]

Current Activities

The IRT is now planning events focused on workforce development as it pertains to immigrants and refugees. Tentatively titled “New Americans Strengthening the Triad Economy,” the next program will educate the public about the economic contributions of immigrants and refugees in the Triad.

The IRT is also working to support passage of HB 540, a bill in the N.C. Legislature that would mandate a statewide study on workforce development obstacles facing qualified immigrant and newcomer workers.

Past Programs and History

For more than a decade, the Immigration Policy Reform Roundtable has educated the general public and local officials about the challenges faced by the Triad's vital immigrant and refugee communities.  We also point to the remarkable achievements of these dynamic newcomers.  Click below to learn more about our history, events, and projects. 
 History, Events, Projects

Goals for 2022-2023

  • Educate the public and support legislative and executive actions aimed at comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Support local efforts to improve the legal, economic and social status of immigrants and refugees in our communities including workforce development, the ability to apply for drivers licenses and in-state tuition for all North Carolina students meeting academic and residency requirements.
  • Oppose the detention and deportation of unauthorized immigrants based solely on immigration status and advocate for limiting collaboration between local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Why Have an Immigration Roundtable?

War, gang violence, drug cartels, persecution, and famine have made recent years difficult (and often harrowing) years for refugees and immigrants around the world. In the United States and elsewhere, these difficulties have been made much worse by the spread of false information and xenophobic messages from some elected officials and media outlets.

Replacement Theory is just one example of a pernicious conspiracy narrative that has been shared by White Supremacy groups and some politicians. The Immigration Roundtable (IRT) has shared reliable information with League members and the general public that can lead to a better understanding of the history and the issues and provide the tools to advocate for policy reforms.

The "Ask"

Each IRT program includes an “Ask,” one or more recommendations for actions that members and attendees can take on behalf of our immigrant and refugee neighbors.  Examples include:

  • Contribute to the needs and well-being of immigrants in our community by donating to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro's Immigrant Fund Giving Circle.
  • Utilize the American Immigration Council's well-researched fact sheets to discuss immigration issues and provide correct information.
  • Urge your U.S. representatives to support vigorous Congressional oversight of both U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and to support the creation of immigration courts.
  • Urge your N.C. representatives to support the Tuition Equity bill (HB 319) and to oppose anti-immigrant bills HB 370 and HB 135.)


The Immigration Roundtable has found that it is most effective when we work in partnership with local agencies that provide direct services to immigrants and refugees.  List of Partners

Further Information

For LWVUS position on immigration, see Impact on Issues 2020-2022 (p. 15)

Over the years, the Immigration Roundtable has published multiple opinion pieces in the Greensboro News & Record. Links to examples can be found at the link above.