Service Delivery Methods

Service Delivery Methods

The LWVCA supports certain criteria for methods of service delivery.

The LWVCA supports criteria for service delivery in areas of relationships with other governments and service providers; accountability and responsiveness; taxes, fees and assessments; quality of service.

The LWVCA believes the following features are of primary importance in judging proposals for service delivery whether directly by government unit, public/private contract or a special district:

  • In regard to relationships with other governments or service providers, service providers should take part in cooperative planning for the region. In the case of special districts, the proposal should include firm guidelines for dissolution or merging with another district or governmental unit.
  • In regard to accountability and responsiveness, there should be:
  • clear responsibility for planning and delivery of the service;
  • a clear line of recourse for unsatisfactory service;
  • preannounced open board or council meetings;
  • accountability to citizens through an elected official; and
  • annual financial and program reports readily available to the public.
  • Elected officials should approve fees and assessments.
  • The service delivery plan should be the best service delivery option in terms of cost-effectiveness (assuming cost-effectiveness means the best service for a reasonable price, not just low bid); provide for qualified staff to plan, to write RFPs (requests for proposals) and contracts and to monitor and evaluate service.

Other features considered important but without consensus on the level of importance are:

  • the service provision not be duplicated by another source;
  • the proposal not have an adverse effect on prospects for change in county structure;
  • annual financial and program reports be reviewed at state and local level with results of
  • that review published; and
  • there be a public referendum on new taxes.

It is the intention that these criteria for service delivery be applied in Cincinnati and other municipalities and townships as well as at the county level.

LWVCA members support special districts, contractual arrangements (both public/private and intergovernmental) and general-purpose government as appropriate means of service delivery.


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