City Planning

City Planning

The LWVN supports the concept city planning, with the following policies and approaches.
Position History: 

New wording for Section I. City Planning G. Public Transportation and Section I. City Planning H. Traffic approved at the 2007 Annual Meeting. 3 Language removed from Section l. B. Sidewalks 3. (Deleted as redundant). Language added to Section l. C. Bicycle Routes 3. "and expanded". Language added to Section I. E. Housing Supply 3. The LWVN supports the development of appropriate housing for seniors and those with disabilities and encourages the city to adopt "Aging in Place" requirements for future development"

A. Zoning   

1.  Strict procedures for rezoning and stronger provisions for protesting rezoning.
2.  A professional city planner and and adequate and qualified staff.
3.  Long-rang planning for the location of parks and schools, with adequate access by streets and paved routes for pedestrians and bicyclists.

B. Sidewalks                                                   

1. Sidewalks should be required by ordinance in new subdivisions, except that the sidewalk requirement may be waived in industrial subdivisions, with the exception of the perimeter, if the developer can demonstrate that the sidewalks will not contribute to the health, safety or welfare of the public in those areas. 
2. Sidewalks should be built in existing areas to the greatest extent possible with special emphasis on providing access to schools and recreation facilities. 

C. Bicycle Routes                                                                             

1. Bicycle routes should be studied, implemented and expanded, whenever feasible, with the idea of bicycle riding as a recreational activity as well as an alternate means of transportation.
2. The League also favors upgrading the City’s current bicycle safety programs and stricter enforcement of bicycle safety provisions.

D. Parks  

1. The LWVN supports long-range planning for the acquisition and development of new and existing parks in Norman to better meet the needs of the community with endorsement of the following policies:

a. Neighborhood parks of ten acres as a desirable goal.
b. First attention to acquisition and development of multiuse parks in areas most in need.
c.  Adjoining park-school site development with school board cooperation.

E. Housing Supply

1. The LWVN recognizes the need for low-income housing and supports the concept of public housing equitably distributed in Norman.
2. In order to ensure adequate low andmoderate income housing in Norman, the LWVN recommends as a priority, providing incentive for private enterprise to obtain this goal, and the use of federal housing programs that allow the greatest possible freedom for local decision making.
3. The LWVN supports the development of appropriate housing for seniors and those with disabilities and encourages the city to adopt "Aging in Place" requirements for future development.3

F. Protection of land in the Little River Watershed

The LWVN believes that the Little River watershed is an environmentally sensitive area that must be protected.

1. The League recognizes that uncontrolled development in the watershed could allow hazardous pollution of Norman’s water supply.
2. De-annexation of land in environmentally sensitive areas would end Norman’s control over its land use; therefore, de-annexation of land in the Little River watershed should be considered with great care.

G. Public Transportation

In order to reduce highway congestion, fuel consumption and vehicular pollution, and to provide better access to housing, jobs, recreation and medical care, the LWVN advocates the development and maintenance of energy-efficient and time efficient public transportation systems within the City of Norman and connecting with other communities in Oklahoma. Priority should be given to government- funded transportation projects that are directed toward better public access to fuel-efficient transportation and the reduction of single occupancy vehicles on the roadways.

H. Traffic

The LWVN believes the City should provide for safe bicycle traffic and encourage a pattern of development that facilitates public transportation and diminishes automobile congestion.

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