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-For Individuals and Local Leagues-

When the people lead, the leaders will follow. –Gandhi

If not you, who? If not now, when?


WHAT WE, the People, CAN DO!


●  Educate yourself by watching and sharing the following excellent documentaries. Host a "House Party" and show them to friends or a group to which you belong.

The first five are available free online at The shorter versions allow time for discussion.

●  FIXIT – Health care at the Tipping Point

●  BIG PHARMA - Market Failure

●  CANADIAN HEALTH - Debunking the Myths

●  BIG MONEY - Democracy on the Brink

●  MEDICARE FOR ALL - How Do We Pay for It?


●  THE TIME IS NOW–Healthcare For Everybody(

●  Spread the facts about Medicare for All on social media, Facebook, and Twitter

●  Create or join the League of Women Voters Healthcare Committee to strategize how we can educate everyone about the facts.

●  Help develop a healthcare committee in other organizations to which you belong, religious, civic, or community groups.

●  Bring Single Payer activities to civic events in your area.


2018 Summer Festival in Loveland Colorado. LWV of Larimer County’s parade float “An Ailing US Health System is Putting the Statue of Liberty at Risk,” highlights the need for single payer health care. (Courtesy of Elaine Branjord)


●  Host a "House Party" and show the documentaries to friends and neighbors.

●  Host a public forum on the topic with a film and/or create a panel with allied groups.

●  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.A sample letter in regards to Medicare Advantage can be found at

Similar op-Eds on employer-based healthcare, adapted for different Leagues:

●  Massachusetts (with state-based bill in the house)

●  Arizona (directed at national Medicare for All bills) pdf version.

●  Lobby your members of Congress to co-sponsor House and Senate bills, HR 1384 and S1129, "The Medicare for All Act of 2019". If they only want to continue to make incremental changes—healthcare only for those who can afford it—find out who their donors are.

●  Healthcare for All Y'All Congressional Packet,

●  Use an “open letter” to gather signatures and endorsements from different organizations to join their voices to yours, as in this example from Western Mass Medicare 4 All, “Wake-up Call for Single Payer.” It can be found at or as a petition at

●  Question candidates in forums and town hall meetings Include facts about improved Medicare for All in your questions to help educate the candidate and attendees.Pass a municipal resolution with help from Public Citizen Tools for Activists.

●  Support and vote forcandidates who champion Improved and Expanded Medicare for All and reject corporate funding.

●  Contact House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 202-225-4965, ask her to re-evaluate her stance on Single Payer and support HR1384 "Medicare for All Act of 2019."

●  Help organize an advocacy “Briefing Day at the Legislature, focusing on educating our legislators about the benefits of Single Payer.




Use Toolkit materials!

●  LWV-US Health Care – HCR4US overview:Why take action?

●  Tips for a successful event

●  Powerpoint “Soup to Nuts”from Phoenix LWV--starts with good tips for preparing for the presentation.

●  ManyToolkitResourcesfor your use – Sample Advocacy Tools

Documentaries, handouts (brochures, comparison sheets), PowerPoint's, books, list of supporting organizations.

●  See what other Leagues and League members are doing.Examples of LWV Health Care Initiatives - state, national, and international.


Join our advocacy network. Join our Google Group for occasional emails; Participate in monthly networking zoom calls; Work on advocacy projects like municipal resolutions, convention caucuses and other initiatives; Share your social media skills.Link to our webform—for more information or to sign-up. 

PHOTO GALLERYSend us your photos of you doing Single Payer/ Medicare 4 All advocacy in your area.(Use Comment section of HCR4US webform to send us a note)

The Caucus Team at 2018 Convention (with speaker, Dr. Claudia Fegan (2nd from left)

Centennial Chorus in Georgetown

Diana & Barbara “easeling” at indoor market, 2019

Colleen in sandwich board

Barbara at Health Financing Committee Hearing, Boston, June 2019

Linda, Rivko, and Carol at presentation 2020 in AZ



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