Voter Services

Voter Services

What’s in a name? We’re the League of Women VOTERS, after all! And the Voter Services team is all about voters. The mission is straightforward: Increase Election Awareness and Voting in Maricopa County.

The team focuses on motivating existing registered voters to vote by providing election and polling place information. Some team members are Deputy Registrars and register people to vote, including new citizens at citizenship ceremonies. Team members also attend community events to discuss the League’s mission of Elections Awareness and Voting.

The only skill required is a desire to ensure our democracy continues with strong citizen participation. Join us to provide nonpartisan election information to help people understand and participate in the election process.

Voter Services is an excellent team for new members to join. You’ll quickly learn about the League and work with the community to make a difference. We encourage all League members to join Voter Services. Most meetings are online (monthly) to coordinate events, phone banking, meetings with key demographics of the community and other opportunities to participate.

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