Attack Ads, Junk Mail, and Robo Calls – Oh My!

Attack Ads, Junk Mail, and Robo Calls – Oh My!


Election Day is over, and it is once again safe to open the mail box, answer the phone, and leave the TV unmuted during commercials.

Each election, the League of Women Voters of California helps voters like you cut through the endless clutter of biased and dishonest election information. We proudly remain the most trusted and unbiased source of voter information in California. But we couldn’t do it without your help.

Will you donate $25 or more and help us continue to engage, inform, and empower Californians just like you?

With your help, we can ensure every Californian has unbiased and accurate information on the issues and elections that shape our state. Here are a few ways we helped voters:

  • Tens of thousands of people used to read our ballot measure Pros & Cons and watch our new animated videos created in partnership with SeePolitical.
  • We provided election information to English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean speaking voters with our Easy Voter Guide and distributed almost 200,000 copies through community organizations, local Leagues, and libraries.
  • 2 million Californians accessed their personalized ballot and in-depth information on before deciding how to vote. Voter’s Edge is a pilot partnership between Smart Voter and MapLight to produce a one-stop shop for candidate and ballot measure information, including funding sources.

We not only educate, we also advocate.

  • The passage of Prop 2 steers California toward the fiscal discipline and stability we need to provide vital education, health and welfare, and other services.
  • We’ve made history with Prop 47’s reform of California’s sentencing laws, focusing law enforcement resources on serious and violent crime and investing the prison cost savings in mental health treatment, schools, and victim services.

When you make a donation today, it will expand our voter education programs and launch our advocacy work for 2015.

We know you find our resources invaluable. Your gift ensures that voters casting their ballots next year will have access to the same trusted and accessible information.


Helen L. Hutchison, President
League of Women Voters of California

P.S. As a grassroots organization, we are only as strong as our members. Will you join us?

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