Do We Need This Much Initiative?

Do We Need This Much Initiative?


“Do We Have to Take This Much Initiative?” was the title of a stimulating discussion of the initiative and referendum process in California and how it can be improved. Trudy Schafer, LWVC’s Senior Director for Program, moderated a panel discussion sponsored by LWV North County San Diego and LWV San Diego on January 25.

Panelists were Glenn Smith, Professor of Law at Cal Western School of Law; Robert Stern, former president of the California Center for Governmental Studies; Thad Kousser, Political Science Professor at UCSD; and Joe Mathews, commentator and author of California Crack-up.

The stimulating conversation included far-ranging ideas about what’s wrong with the process and some needed, basic changes in government, as well as the panelists’ opinions concerning the consensus questions that local Leagues are addressing. Watch the video here.

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