League Releases Higher Education Study Material

League Releases Higher Education Study Material


The League of Women Voters of California (LWVC) is pleased to announce the release of their study about Public Higher Education in California.

The Study Guide and consensus questions are posted for the public and are available for all Californians to educate themselves about the issues. The LWVC encourages California's college students to learn about the League, learn about the issues.

I am not a member of the League, how can I give feedback?

Students and others who are not members of local Leagues can respond to the consensus questions through the public portal at lwvc.org/higher-ed-students.

Why study higher education?

The study was approved to provide the LWVC with a comprehensive and inclusive position on public higher education. It examines the roles of the UC, CSU, and California Community College segments as a higher education system, with a focus on the perspective of students and their families.

The study scope is to examine access to quality public higher education in California including funding, affordability, preparedness, equity, and opportunities and barriers to student success. Understanding these issues and their importance is essential for both the membership of LWVC and all residents of California.

LWVC President Helen Hutchison explains the study came in response to members' deep concerns about lack of access and the need for reform, saying, “This issue of access to high quality public education affects all Californians. The League encourages statewide discussions and we look forward to playing our part in building consensus on a way forward for our students and our state.”

What's a study?

Public Higher Education Study: This three-year study was adopted at Convention 2013. The study committee is working on the materials for Leagues and members, and you're invited to join a Yahoo Group that has been created for discussion.

How can I get involved in the League's work?

The League encourages all interested community members to join their local Leagues and participate in the study sessions that will inform LWVC positions on policy and legislation affecting higher education in California. LWVC uses the process of reaching consensus to form positions. Between now and May 2016, local Leagues will hold study sessions and collectively answer the consensus questions posed.

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