LWVC Urges Governors to Withdraw Lawsuit

LWVC Urges Governors to Withdraw Lawsuit

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014



­May 21, 2014

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

Governor of California

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: Democratic Governors Association Lawsuit

Dear Governor Brown:

 Since 1974 the League of Women Voters has applied its principles of open and representative government to political campaigns. In California, the League has supported the Legislature's efforts to enact meaningful campaign finance reform. We appreciate your endorsement of these efforts, including recently signing SB 27.

 Many Democrats are strong supporters of small donor public financing, contribution limits, and strong coordination and disclosure laws. We were therefore disappointed to learn of the Democratic Governors Association's suit against Connecticut's bipartisan campaign finance law, which includes strong disclosure and coordination rules as well as provisions for public financing for campaigns. Connecticut's law has been upheld as constitutional in the federal courts.

 The League of Women Voters of California joins the LWV of the United States and others in urging you and your fellow Democratic governors to withdraw the lawsuit and allow Connecticut's law to work to prevent government corruption and allow the citizens of Connecticut to know the source of their candidates' support.


Jennifer A. Waggoner



LWVC Urges that Governors Withdraw Lawsuit

Sent to

Governor Jerry Brown

In response to

Lawsuit by Democratic Governor's Association against Connecticut's campaign finance law

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