Pros & Cons for the November Ballot Measures Are Here!

Pros & Cons for the November Ballot Measures Are Here!


Your statewide Voter Service Team is proud to

announce the arrival of the Pros & Cons for the six November ballot measures.

Two versions are now available: online HTML and printable PDF format.

What’s in the Pros & Cons?

Pros & Cons contain important, unbiased information about the ballot measures

that will help voters make better decisions when they go to the polls on

November 4, including:

  • The situation underlying these ballot

  • Explanations of what the ballot measures

    would do if passed
  • Fiscal effects
  • Who the supporters and opponents are

In addition, the printable version tells

voters how to find more information, such as where proposition campaign money

comes from, how to evaluate ballot measures, and important facts about voter

registration and election day.

Read the Pros &

here and view and print the color and black and white PDF versions here.

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