Where Do Great Leaders Come From?

Where Do Great Leaders Come From?


Do you want strong leadership in California? When you make a gift to the League of Women Voters of California, you help us empower and train leaders in every area of our democracy—whether educating voters, advocating for transparency in government, or tackling the most challenging social and economic issues of the day. 

Please give today, and help us grow the next generation of California leaders.

Our members and volunteers gain valuable expertise and insight that they take back to their communities. Like Barb Singleton, who joined the League in 2013 and has already become a powerful leader in her community of Emeryville.

Barb became a member because of her interest in money in politics. As a new member, she started a committee in the LWV of Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville, gained experience at LWVC Convention, and worked on her local League’s Pros & Cons on the ballot measures. That experience led to her working with her community to educate people on the ballot measures and register voters.

Barb says she’s proud of her work and her growth. She says, “Every single thing that I’ve done has been a personal challenge. I’m a better person because of the League of Women Voters.”

Please support the League and our amazing members and volunteers.  We can’t do it without them—and we can’t do it without you.


Helen L. Hutchison, President
League of Women Voters of California

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