Who will vote in 2016?

Who will vote in 2016?


Only 30% of eligible Californians voted in the November election. If this number alarms you, then join with the League of Women Voters of California to be a force for change. Let’s get more voters to the polls in 2016—our democracy depends on it!

We believe education is the first step to empowering voters. You can help by donating now.

Did you know that this year our Easy Voter Guide, in five languages, reached over a quarter million Californians? The guide is just one of the ways we provide unbiased, easy-to-read ballot information to help prepare people to cast their votes.
People like Cleze Printers, whom I met this year at LWV Oakland’s Easy Voter Guide review session at the Next Step Learning Center.

Cleze had never voted before, but she came away inspired. “I felt great about being part of the review process,” she said, “because I never would have come across anyone who could have explained it as well. I felt good about putting my own input as well—I never did something like that before. It helped me understand and … It makes me want to vote in the future.”

Your gift inspires more and more people to be forces for change in our state by supporting resources like the Easy Voter Guide, Smart Voter, the Pros & Cons, and the In Depth on the propositions. The 2016 elections are just around the corner. Please donate today.


Helen L. Hutchison, President
League of Women Voters of California

P.S. Please give today. Your donation ensures that we can continue to empower Californians and defend their voting rights. Read more about our plans.

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