Why Join the League?

Why Join the League?


Joining the League of Women Voters gives you opportunities to do hands-on work to safeguard democracy and make a tangible difference in your own community.

Local, Regional, National and Global Impact

Did you know that when you join a local League that automatically makes you a member at the regional, state and national levels? You have an impact on issues affecting your region, California and the whole country. And you are part of our Global Democracy programs, too! As a member of the LWV, you are in League with hundreds of thousands of other individuals educating voters and advocating on issues affecting us all.

 Examples of Impact

  • In Santa Barbara, League members helped protect funding for quality math, science, and technology education, as well as music and art in public schools, by supporting Measures A and B in November 2012, in coalition with other education advocates.
  • In California, League members led a successful effort to make the redistricting process more transparent and less beholden to partisan influence, establishing a model for other states to emulate. You can get involved with many other issues in our state by visiting our call for action page - League membership makes you part of it. 
  • We are fighting hard to guarantee fundamental protections against racial discrimination in voting, critical in protecting our democracy At the national level you can also take action with the click of a button to reduce the influence of money in politics, reform immigration, protect the environment, and promote gun safety.

Individuals, families, and our country are facing many challenges not easily resolved. Through a strong grassroots network of League members and individuals who care - you can make democracy work in your local community and beyond.

Find your local League and join us today http://www.cavotes.org/local.  

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