You raised your voice. Your representatives listened.

You raised your voice. Your representatives listened.

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Thank you for standing with the League! Because you took action this week, we're celebrating some big wins:

  • AB 849, the Fair Maps Act, has passed out of the Assembly and is on its way to the Senate. Once passed, this bill will combat partisan and racially-discriminatory gerrymandering at the local level.
  • SB 72, Election Day Voter Reg Expansion, has passed out of the Senate and is advancing to the Assembly. Upon passage, it will bring Election Day Registration to every California polling place in 2020.
  • SB 139, the People's Maps Act, also passed out of the Senate, and is one step closer to giving people–not politicians–the power to draw the lines in large counties.

With your help, we sent thousands of messages to legislators to get these bills over their first major hurdle. And we're just getting started. Each of these bills still needs to be passed from the second house and then be signed by the governor. We hope we can count on you to continue
taking action on this important legislation. Thank you again for speaking up!

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