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Round pin that says Vote Smart  "
A well informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny."
                                 ~ Thomas Jefferson

Since 1920 the women (and men!) of the League of Women Voters have volunteered their time to ensure that voters have access to the information they need to make an informed decision.  

Information for the California Primary June 5, 2018 

Looking for good sources of information while you're getting ready to vote?  
Here they are:

1. Voter's Edge Website

Logo for Voter's Edge websiteThe California League's election website, Voter’s Edge California, is a comprehensive, nonpartisan online guide to elections covering federal, state, and local races in California.
Voter's Edge is your one-stop shop for election research: 
  • Access your personalized ballot for only your districts, just enter your address on the first page, 
  • Get in-depth information on candidates,state-wide propositions, and local measures  including who supports them.
  • View candidate info; including biographies, top priorities, answers to questions, photos, policy videos, endorsements, and detailed information about who funds their campaigns.
  • Get unbiased explanations of propositions and local measures, including who supports, opposes, and funds them
  • Check where, when, and how to vote, including information on your local polling location


2. Propositions - Vote with the League

I Vote with the League Yes, we are totally nonpartisan regarding political parties and candidates.
But, we do take positions on issues. Once we have a studied position on an issue, we take action and advocate for or against particular policies or laws.

If you'd like to see our recommendations about the five Propositions you'll be voting on, go to http://cavotes.org./vote/elections/ballot-recommendations.  For each Proposition, click on Read more to find lots of information about the League Positions that have informed our recommendation.


3. Propositions - Nonpartisan Pros & Cons

Link to Pros & Cons analysis of the June 2018 statewide propositions

The League's  Pros & Cons  site provides a nonpartisan explanation of state propositions, with supporting and opposing arguments. The arguments come from many sources and are not limited to those presented in the Official Voter Information Guide. 

Leagues, including the Cupertino-Sunnyvale League,  provide live presentations of the Pros and Cons of each ballot measure. A recording of a recent presentation can be found on YouTube.

The June 2018 ballot will include votes on Propositions 68, 69, 70, 71, and 72.  At cavotes.org you can find links to online and downloadable  versions that provide information for each Proposition: 

  • The Question
  • The Situation
  • The Proposal
  • The Fiscal Effect
  • What a YES or NO Vote Means
  • What Supporters Say
  • What Opponents Say
  • Links to Official Support & Opposition Sites

4. League-Sponsored Candidate Forums

As part of its mission to provide non-partisan political information, Leagues provide live forums where all candidates for an office are invited to answer questions from the public.

For the June 6 2018 election, the five candidates for Santa Clara County Sheriff participated in aspecial election forum presented by the Santa Clara County League of Women Voters.   Recorded May 16, 2018 at the Cupertino Community Hall, it's available on YouTube.


5. Easy Voter Guide 

Cover of League Easy Voter Guide for June 2018

 The League's Easy Voter Guide provides voters who are new, or just very busy, with condensed, user-friendly, nopartisan infomation about statewide elections. It covers

  • State propositions and
  • Information about California state and federal offices in this election.

The Easy Voter Guide is available online in:

Or you can pick up a free printed Easy Voter Guide from your public library.

6. California Voter Information Guide

 Cover of the Official Voter Information Guide for June 5, 2018The Official Voter Information Guide for the June primary, published by the California Secretary of State, is now available online.  

It's on the VoterGuide website and as a downloadable PDF
The State of California has already mailed it in hardcopy to all registered voters, at their registered address. 


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Why is the June 5  primary so important?


  1. That’s when the candidates to be listed on the November ballot are chosen.
  2. There will be Propositions! Five statewide propositions are currently scheduled for the June election.

 The June 5 primary will decide who appears on the November ballot for these offices and more:

  • United States Senate
  • United States House of Representatives 
  • California SenatePicture of the California Capitol building
  • California Assembly
  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • Controller
  • Treasurer
  • Attorney General
  • Insurance Commissioner
  • Member, State Board of Equalization - 4 districts
  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction


A little background:  

 In 2010 California voters passed a Proposition to change to a 'Top Two Candidates Open Primary.' 

  • it eliminated single-party primaries.
  • All candidates for the same elective office, regardless of party affiliation, run against each other all at once. (Sometimes called a ‘jungle primary')
  • The only names on the November ballot are the top two vote-getters from the June primary