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Ten times a year the Cupertino-Sunnyvale League publishes a newsletter with information of interest to both members and non-members. Anyone can request to receive the VOTER, but only members are automatically subscribed.

We send The VOTER by e-mail to reduce costs. Members may request to receive it via snail mail (USPS).  .

Read our most recent VOTER for February 2019. Highlights include:

  • Coming Events
  • The February 23 Program Planning meeting
  • Review of recent events

2019 VOTER Newsletters

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VOTER Newsletter Archive

PDF files of older VOTER newsletters (April 2005 to the present) are kept in publicly  accessible cloud disk storage.

Each file is named with the naming scheme VoterYYMM, where:

  • Voter is the same in every file
  • YY is the last two digits of the year
  • MM is the number of the month

So Voter0504 would be the newsletter from April, 2005. Just double-click on the name of the file to read it.

Please enjoy browsing our archive. .