Signature Gathering In the Home Stretch for Schools and Communities First!

Signature Gathering In the Home Stretch for Schools and Communities First!

Schools and Communities First, Reform Prop 13, split roll, League of Women Voters of California
Time Range For Action Alert: 
November 2, 2019 to March 18, 2020

Carol Murota, LWVDV Campaign Coordinator

We have lots to celebrate! We’ve returned 1050+ signatures to the Schools and Communities First Campaign thanks to our energetic and expanding team of petition circulators. The hardworking enthusiastic reliables—Sue Brandy, Janet Hoy, and Peggy Huston—continue to make presentations, most recently to an AAUW group organized by Bette Felton.  On the same night, Barbara Coenen worked with our Rossmoor Democratc Club friends who welcomed Barbara, Nancy Thursby and friends and collect more signatures. And the Saturday before, at the Women’s March, our expanding team circulated through an enthusiastic crowd. Confirmed! Yes, that was a Diane Mader sighting, softly but persistently talking to marchers, petitions in hand. We even enlisted (the always helpful) Mike Brandy to hold up a large SCF poster so people could locate and sign petitions circulated by Sue Brandy and other League members. We had the Women's March blanketed!

Sadly, while we are having so much fun building momentum, the Campaign statewide is at only 50% of the 1.6 million target, and not on schedule.  We have until March 18, 2020, to get our petitions to Sacramento.  Loud cheers for our Diablo Valley Leaguers who, at events and through personal contacts, continue the work to get this measure on the ballot. 

The opposition is distributing fancy brochures and emotional arguments. I hear from Facebook and NextDoor readers that there are many misunderstandings and misleading statements.  This underscores that our signature drive is our opportunity to get SCF on the ballot and address voters’ worries. Our work is important! 

We provide trusted information, as Lee Lawrence never tired of declaring, and Renee Zeimer reminds me! When it is time to VOTE, people TRUST our facts and our position. Talk with your neighbors and friends if you hear misinformation. Our February house parties are opportunities to get the truth out and get signatures. Our September events will re-focus our slide show and Q&A to pass SCF.

Let me know ( if you have a group interested in our program or want to join us to promote SCF – so much fun when we are doing this work together!

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