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This is the non-passworded Members Only section for internal League documents and information. Please don't share the URL except with other League members.

Let the Communications Team know if there are resources you want added to this page. The first three attachments are basic documents you need for LWVDV participation:

  • Bylaws and Board Policies
  • Current Positions (last updated 2015)  



LWVC Convention 2019 reports (note that there are multiple reports on some workshops or caucuses):

  • Linda Soliven
  • Shawn Gilbert: UN Conference on Women; Equity for Women (ERA); Listening Across Our Differences
  • Gayle Saxton: Listening Across Our Differences; Electoral Process (caucus, new position); Criminal Justice (caucus, new position); Framing Your Message; Candidate Forums: Keeping the Discussion Civil; Equity for Women (ERA)
  • Sue BrandyPre-Convention Workshop "Let's Talk About Power: Exploring Race, Identity Formation, and Organizing"; Schools and Communities First; Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Voter Education (caucus); Civil Discourse; Climate Calamity/Climate Crisis (caucus)
  • Diane Bianchi: Pre-Convention Workshop "Let's Talk About Power: Exploring Race, Identity Formation, and Organizing"; Climate Calamity/Climate Crisis (caucus); Census 2020; Voters Choice Act; Listening Across Our Differences; Finding Local Suffrage Stories
  • Christina Soto-Maynez: Schools And Communities First; Building Equity (Pre-Convention Workshop); Unlocking League Secrets; Guest Speaker, Manuel Pastor on Integrated Voter Engagement; Great League Ideas; Guest Speaker, LWVUS CEO Virginia Kase
  • Stephanie Williams-Rogers: Fundraising; Homelessness
  • Suzan Requa: Listening Across Our Differences; UN Conference on Women
  • Wildfire Caucus (hosted by LWVDV)

LWVC Convention materials and resources: 

See the attachments below for the following handout materials from Convention workshops:

  • Civil Discourse Resource List 
  • Unlikely Friends Activity & Description
  •  Unlikely Friends Activity
  • Welcoming Conservatives