The League of Women Voters of the Eden Area supports a free public library system that meets the informational, educational, technological, recreational and legal research needs of all residents and that is financed with long-term, assured, stable and adequate public funding.
Position In Brief: 

The LWVEA supports access by all persons to free library services/functions that educate and inform on a wide variety of issues to facilitate resident participation in government decision-making and civil discourse. That includes providing residents with the necessary educational resources to improve and assist both the community and themselves for their own individual interests and for the betterment of society.

Position History: 

Adopted: 1981 (SL)  

Consensus: 1990 (EA)

Revised: 1991 (EA)

Updated: 1997 (EA)

Updated: 2005 (EA)

Updated: 2015 (EA)

                                                Public Library Services


Measures to improve patron service:

  1. Ensure library services and resources are up-to-date in technology.
  2. Achieve sizable book and non-print collections which meet information needs ofthe public.
  3. Provide adequate hours of service, including evening and weekend hours, andmaintain staffing levels adequate for the hours open, size of collection, and usage level.
  4. Continue the use of volunteers to support staff.
  5. Encourage cooperation between the public library system, colleges, and local school districtsincluding after-school homework programs, etc.
  6. Provide assistance to those who need special help for access to library services andinformation technologies.
  7. Continue to offer special programs to build a love of reading for all children.
  8. Provide literacy and life-long learning services funded by public and/or privatesources, offered free for those who qualify or with a sliding scale.
  9. Encourage library facilitiess to be in both safe and accessible locations.

Construction of new libraries and improvement and expansion of existing libraries is neededto serve population growth both within cities and unincorporated areas.


Methods for financing construction of new libraries, expansion, and/or rehabilitation of existing facilities should be a top priority:

  1. A state bond issue; a National Library Services and Technology Act grant; a local tax,such as utility-user tax, parcel tax, assessments or districts' general funds.
  2. Encourage private contributions.
  3. Achieve cost-effectiveness by consolidation of functions/systems.

Encourage community participation in advising and shaping library policies and services through Advisory Commissions, Friends and Foundation groups as well as other relevant and appropriate venues.


Review of annual costs to operate libraries and of charges assessed to patrons for other than basic library service.

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