Candid Forum Assignments

Candid Forum Assignments


MODERATOR: The Moderator presides, referees, restrains, and exercises a moderating influence over the proceedings. S/he has the authority to call the meeting to order, recognize speakers, call people out of order, banish them from the hall, call a recess, adjust the ground rules to meet unexpected circumstances, and even to adjourn the meeting. S/he meets with candidates before the meeting to draw lots for the order of opening statements, and rotates starting speaker during questions. If possible, the moderator should not reside in the election area, i.e. a Sunny City resident as moderator for a Foggy City council election.

TIMEKEEPER : The timekeeper uses a stopwatch, signs (30 seconds/15 seconds, STOP, etc.), and, if necessary, a gentle voice reminder ("Time's up") " to keep the participants within their time limits. May stand if candidate fails to stop speaking. (Stopwatch should be tested before the start of the meeting.)

QUESTION SORTER(S): The Question Sorter(s) arranges the questions according to topics and hands them to the Moderator. Sorter attempts to ensure a wide variety of issues is covered and similar questions are grouped together. (Or s/he can be given the job of asking the questions, leaving the Moderator undistracted and free of any taint of bias.)  The Moderator will only accept questions from the Question Sorters. 

QUESTION RUNNERS: The Question Runners pass out 3x5 cards and pencils for written questions, pick up cards, and carry them to the Question Sorter.

HOSTS: The Hosts greet visitors at the door, may direct them to seating, and singles out the candidates to ensure they are welcomed, and escorted to the Moderator at least 15 minutes before the opening of the meeting. Hosts have the responsibility to prevent candidate literature, etc. from entering the hall and to prevent the insertion of unsigned attack pieces among literature. Advise individuals who ask that literature may be placed on the table outside the meeting room.