1. Fifteen minutes prior to start time candidates meet with the League Moderator for a brief review of ground rules and drawing of lots to determine order of opening statements.

2. Candidates may be seated according to the order of opening statements or as assigned by the Moderator. Nameplates, which can be seen easily by the audience, will be placed in front of each candidate. Customarily, a glass of water is provided. Individual microphones will be on the table.

3. The Moderator will open the forum with a welcome and a brief statement about the League and its non-partisan policy. She then introduces the Timer and Question Sorters, etc. and outlines the ground rules as follows: 

4. Opening statements of _________minutes per candidate, speaking in the order of lot drawn. Due to the large number of candidates, there will only be time for a few questions for each candidate. Cards for audience questions will be available from League Runners. Moderator will rotate the order of questions to candidates. Answers of ______ minutes will be allowed. At the end of the questions, each candidate may make a closing statement of _______ minutes. Closing statements will be in the reverse order of opening statements.

4. The Timer will use a stopwatch with a second hand and sit in the front row, center , clearly visible to candidates and audience. Timer will time each opening statement, answer, and closing statement. A ________second warning before time is up will be given and when she shows "Stop", candidates must immediately conclude their remarks. 

6. The Moderator will ensure that each candidate has an opportunity to speak. No candidate literature  is allowed in the meeting room.  Candidate literature may be placed on the tables provided outside the meeting room. Candidates may circulate to meet people before and after the forum. Please do not wear any campaign badges, tee shirts, etc. and discourage your supporters from doing so. The intent of these rules is to preserve the decorum and neutrality of the debate and discussion forum so that attendees may focus on the issues.

7. The Moderator has authority to adjust ground rules to meet unexpected circumstances and even to adjourn the meeting. Moderator will close with appropriate thank you’s and a reminder to vote on Election Day.