How to Conduct Forums

General Remarks about Forums

When you organize a forum remember the primary goal is to allow the public access into the election process. Whatever you do, keep that in mind. If the moderator flubs a question, that’s O.K. as long as she recovers, apologizes, and goes on. All of the material the moderator reads (the script) should be in very large type size with plenty of space between lines. Also there should be at least one extra copy of the script if televising, for the control room person. This is also true for the Answer Grid. Usually candidates are thankful for this service provided by the League and are very cooperative. There can be negative feedback from audience members at the end of the forum because their questions were not used. Just refer back to the fact that because of time restraints not all questions could be used. And finally, enjoy the process. It is a wonderful service provided for your community!!

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