Edith Jordan Gardner

Edith Jordan Gardner

Edith Jordan Gardner (1877-1965)

Member of the Oakland Forum of the League of Women Voters, Edith Jordan Gardner was an educator and activist. Boasting an impressive list of achievements in educational activism, Gardner was also a frequent participant in women’s rights activism as president of the Cornell Women’s Club of Northern California, the Stanford Woman’s Club, and the University of California branch of the Equal Suffrage League.

In 1910, while still a teacher and high school department head in Los Angeles, Gardner was president of the Berkeley-based branch of the College Equal Suffrage League. She spoke to the subject of women’s suffrage at conventions and in order to attend club meetings and events, she regularly traveled some 370 miles from Los Angeles to Berkeley by train. Her work extended beyond just education and women’s rights activism as she became a public speaker on world affairs and a distinguished essayist.

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