President's Message

President's Message


March 18, 2020

  Dear Fellow League Members and Supporters:

Due to the “shelter in place” measures implemented for the safety of our communities, we are canceling all in person events in March, April and May.  Our annual meeting is scheduled for June 13th, 2020 and we may postpone that as well; alternatively, we may conduct the required business portion of our league via a virtual platform.  

Currently, the office on Country drive is also closed but our website and email are working. We will keep you informed with updates and you can always check our website or send us an email at lwvfnuc [at] if you have questions or concerns.

Although we are physically isolated from each other, thanks to the internet and telephones/smartphones, we can still stay connected.  I am heartened to see the many outpourings on social media from people in our community willing to be of help in some way.  

There is a quote I appreciate especially at this time, attributed to Albert Einstein: In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity   How we find and define what is the opportunity may well be unique to each one of us.  For me, this is a time to pause and reflect on everything for which I am grateful, one of which is the opportunity to work  (in person or remotely)  with so many intelligent, kind and wonderful LWV and other community members.  

Please stay safe and reach out if you need to for any reason.


Syeda Reshma Inamdar