Affordable Housing Committee Goals for 2019


The Affordable Housing Committee discussed how it intends to move forward this year. We will track the progress the city has made in enforcing the Rental Home Improvement Act and investigate the availability of emergency housing for tenants to use until improvements on their rental spaces are finished. Other committee members will interview the Mayor and the City Council to ask about their plans to address the lack of affordable housing. About 41,000 units are needed to house people who cannot afford decent, clean housing for their families.

Another goal of the Committee is to work with a coalition that is committed to increasing the number of affordable housing units. The coalition consists of the Housing Authority, Metro Ministry, college professor Matt Jendian, Patience Milrod with Central California Legal Services and possibly other individuals or groups. The coalition is drafting a statement presenting the problems of the lack of adequate affordable housing in the Fresno area and the obstacles that must be addressed to make progress in accomplishing our goal. The coalition hopes to set up a meeting with Governor Newsom, who made the affordable housing crisis a central feature in his campaign. We intend to discuss with him the possibility that our area could be used as a model to solve some of the difficult issues involved in constructing proper affordable housing.  Nyla Zender, Executive Vice President

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