Fresno League is Neutral on Temperance Flat Project

Fresno League is Neutral on Temperance Flat Project


The LWVC’s Water Position “encourages off-stream water storage, while discouraging the construction of new on-stream dams.” The League of Women Voters of Fresno is taking a NEUTRAL position on the proposed Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir, while supporting local projects using multiple strategies to recharge groundwater.

We may continue to participate in the public discussion about the Temperance Flat Dam proposal by asking important questions, such as:

1. Would local water users have rights to the water if the Temperance Flat Dam is built?

2. Would water from this project be affordable for local water users? Or would it go to large water agencies in major metropolitan areas in Southern California or the Bay Area, where water costs could be spread over many more water users?

3. Would sufficient water be available to participating agencies to justify the long term cost of the project?

4. How would water be allocated among the water agencies supporting the proposal? Would the allocations be handled in an equitable manner that meets the needs of the various water users?

NOTE: If LWVC takes a position on the proposed Temperance Flat Dam, that position would supersede a position taken by LWVF. 

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