Fresno Unified Reaches Tentative Agreement with Teachers--Needs Ratification


The big news this month is that one day before the anticipated receipt of an independent Fact Finding Report, Fresno Unified and the Fresno Teachers Association have avoided a strike by agreeing on  terms for a new three-year contract.    Though it still needs Board ratification, the tentative agreement includes some compromises on the part of the district and the FTA including an increase in the District’s salary offer from 3.5% to 6.5%--8.5% by 2018-2019 (an additional 2% raise in that final year is contingent on increases in the district’s allocations from the state.  The FTA was asking for 10%.     The agreement promises a reduction in class sizes to 29 for grades 4-6 and in core classes in grades 7—12, again contingent on funding.  It also includes a provision for more formal cooperation with teachers on discipline policies.  Most other contract provisions, including the increase in the district’s contribution to health insurance payments, remain what they were in earlier district offers.   

Kay Bertken, Education Director

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