Fresno Unified Update on 40 Elementary Schools with a Longer Day/Longer Year


Good news surrounds the reports of progress at the District’s “designated schools.”  There are now 40 elementary schools in FUSD under that name.  These schools  have  higher than the already high number of students meeting the “at risk” definition.  95% of their students live in poverty, compared to 82% in the non-designated schools and 88% in the district overall.  They also have 27% of their enrollees who are English Learners, compared to 16% in the nondesignated schools and 23% in the district overall.  Added resources for at risk schools  The first ten of these schools were identified to receive special programmatic considerations in 2014-2015; twenty more were named in 2015-2016 and the final ten in 20162017.  These 40 schools receive an additional 30 minutes a day of instruction-amounting to a full additional year by  sixth grade.  Each school has an additional teacher and up to ten extra days for teachers to plan together.  Teachers at these sites receive a 12% salary boost.
The  ten schools that have had the most experience with the  additional resources improved their scores more than 10 points greater than their comparison schools in math and 21 points greater in English Language arts.

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