Safe and Affordable Water Act

Safe and Affordable Water Act


Last month The Voter contained an article on SB 623, the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Act. LWVC was one of 45 organizations signing on to a letter of support for SB 623.   This legislation aims to create a continuing source of funding to address barriers to accessing safe and affordable drinking water for hundreds of communities in California. Many of these communities are small, disadvantaged, and located in the southern San Joaquin Valley. 
A major barrier is the lack of dedicated funding to support ongoing operations and maintenance costs for drinking water treatment. Environmental social justice organizations  were able to forge coalitions that included agricultural organizations, legislators, government officials, and water agencies.   Facing a deadline for passage by the legislature and the high bar of a two
thirds vote required for passage, SB 623 did not move forward in 2017. It  will be considered again in 2018.

Thank you to League members who were able to respond to our League Alert on SB 623.

Other Water News

The University of California at Davis has been awarded $ 1.6 million from the National Science Foundation to study water and land use issues in disadvantaged communities. The focus will be on the Tulare Basin, but the findings from this study may inform other areas facing similar water issues

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