Update on Behavorial Health Board November Meeting

Update on Behavorial Health Board November Meeting


At the November Behavioral Health Board (BHB) meeting, Deputy Director Susan Holt gave the Department of Behavioral Health Update.  Two program reviews were included:   

  • The Multi-Agency Access Program (MAP) assesses clients and links them to the services that they may need to overcome barriers to wellness and recovery, such as mental and/or physical health, housing, substance use disorders, and social services.    
  • The Urgent Care Wellness Center (UCWC) is the “front door” for adult mental health services at DBH, and provides assessment, treatment planning, individual and group counseling, and linkage to community resources.

LPC Consulting Associates presented the Substance Use Disorders Prevention Services annual evaluation report.  These three prevention programs directed at youth ages 10-25 were evaluated:

  • Friday Night Live (alcohol use reduction) 
  • Performing Above The High (marijuana use reduction)  
  • Lock It Up Program (education, storage, and disposal of opioids).   

Surveys were conducted in a number of public schools throughout the county.  Positive results were shown for those young people who were involved in the programs.

 There was discussion from the board about the Holistic Cultural and Education Wellness Center (Holistic Center).  The suggestion arose that the outcome reports do not include adequate data to support the success of the program.  The Department will give a full report at the December meeting.
Housing continues to be a high priority for the BHB.  Some members feel that the Department is moving too slowly in the development and building of permanent supportive housing for individuals with mental illnesses.  Six million dollars of Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) money designated for this purpose remains unused.  It was agreed that the Department will provide a quarterly report on the progress in the creation of such housing, with the first report coming at the December BHB meeting.

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