Voter Fraud? Not Here - Lunch & Learn with Brandi Orth, Fresno County Registrar of Voters

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If you believe that there was voter fraud in Fresno County during the most recent election,  you had better change your mind.  Brandi Orth, Fresno County’s Registrar of Voters, has made it virtually impossible for that to happen.  In a Lunch & Learn talk on September 27, she described to a packed audience of LWVF members and guests the many security measures that are in place.
One of the most important things to remember, according to Orth, is that “our ballots are never alone.”  Layers of technology and in-person check points are numerous to prevent ballots from not being counted, or being counted incorrectly, or improper ballots being cast.  It is really an amazing system that is in place, especially when you consider the numbers that are dealt with in Fresno County. 
 To further ensure authenticity, 44,000 test ballots were run off in June to catch any errors. For the November election, there were 437,000 registered voters in the county, with approximately 172,000  Democrats, 156,000 Republicans, and 86,000 who enrolled as “No Party Preference.” Fifty percent of Fresno County citizens are permanent Vote by Mail residents.    There was an army of workers on Election Day 2016,  including 1700 in the precincts,  50 field supervisors, 45 staff in the elections warehouse and others.  One hundred teams of two people travel to the election sites to get results immediately at closing time.  This year there were 230 unique versions of the ballot depending on various districts and language.

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