Current Board Member Positions

Current Board Member Positions

The League of Women Voters Long Beach has a very dedicated group of board members that work tirelessly on the planning, executing, and managing of the Leagues finances, events, programs, membership, policy promotion, social media and publicity, community education and involvement in City wide activities.

Here is the current list of Board Members 2019/2020

President _________________________  Jane Bemis

1st Vice President__________________ Jan Gallup

2nd Vice President, Voter Services____ Renee Simon

3rd Vice President, Action____________ OPEN

Treasurer __________________________ Phyllis O'Connor

Secretary _________________________ Diane Mielke

Membership_______________________ Kim Ritter

Dir. Sustainability___________________ Vickie Chenevey

Dir. Social Policy ___________________ Charlene Wynne

Director at Large ___________________ Lois Ledger

Director at Large __________________ Jane Adair

Arrangements _____________________ Lisa Andria

Voter Editor _______________________ Charlene Wynne

Publicity __________________________ Iris Yokoi

Telephone Tree ____________________ Zhita Rea