We believe that the importation and use of Liquefied Natural Gas in the Long Beach area is a key component of a long range energy program which would stress use of the cleanest fossil fuel.
Position In Brief: 

Objectives and Criteria: 

A. It is essential to use a formalized, rigorous risk assessment and management process to make determinations as to the initial and ongoing safety of any proposed or operational LNG docking, unloading, storage, and delivery facilities.

B. There should be public disclosure of deliberations on issues relating to the siting of LNG facilities, with equal emphasis given to the need to protect national security and the right of the public to make informed decisions on concerns vital to their health and safety.

C. Information provided to the public relating to LNG facilities should include comparisons of the characteristics and hazards of LNG to those of other liquids and gases currently stored and used in the Port of Long Beach.

D. The consideration of air quality should be one of the primary factors (a) in evaluating any proposed LNG facility, and (b) in the oversight and control of ongoing LNG operations.

E. Any required mitigations relating to air quality should take place in or near the areas affected by the construction and operation of the facility. 

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