Join the Movement with League Membership

Join the Movement with League Membership

League Membership

The League is a membership organization open to any person 16 years old and older who subscribes to the purpose, principles and policies of the League.

There are over 360,000 members of the League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS). There are Leagues in every state, Puerto Rico, Washington, DC and the Virgin Islands. League structure mirrors our representative system of government. As there are local, state and national levels of government, so are there local, state and national Leagues.

We are the Los Angeles League and represent the greater Los Angeles area.

Testimonials from our Members

“Since moving to LA, LWV has always been my resource for detailed information on ballot
propositions. When I wanted to get more involved, it was only natural that I gravitated to LWV
to volunteer. Now as a Board member, I want to share LWV as a resource for everyone!”

 -- British Wagya, LWVLA Board Member

"In the past year—during a pandemic and recession—our democracy has faced extraordinary
challenges, including election disinformation, voter suppression, and government corruption.
As a young LGBTQ+ member of the League of Women Voters LA, I felt a strong duty to get
more involved, and decided to join the Board of Directors in June 2020. The organization has
been working harder than ever to continue its invaluable educational and advocacy work, in
particular for our city's historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities."

 -- Chance Kawar, LWVLA Board Member & Former Coro Fellow


What can I do as a member?

Because League is a grassroots organization, every member is encouraged to be actively involved by attending League events and meetings, volunteering to serve on issue or program committees, and by helping the League to make its voice heard throughout Los Angeles.

Member participation is the key to League success - it increases our impact. Whatever your interests or expertise, we have a place for you to contribute your time and talents. As a member you can:

Attend all general meetings and special events

    • Annual Membership in June
    • Fall fundraising event(s)
    • The Holiday Social in December
    • The Program Planning Meeting in January
    • Monthly Book Club for avid readers
    • Attend smaller group meetings and member orientation events

Join a committee, attend its meetings, and participate fully in the committee’s work

Our League has the following committees:

    • Development/Fundraising
    • Communications/ Public Relations
    • Climate Reduction and Environment
    • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Budget and Investment
    • Program
    • Observer Corp
    • Voter Services
    • Membership
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • ...and more!

Serve on the Board of Directors

The Board is elected by the membership to manage the activities of the League. Board members are elected to two-year terms.


Learn More About League Membership

Learn more about League membership and how you can get involved by emailing membership [at]