L.A. Free the Vote Civics Education Trainings

L.A. Free the Vote Civics Education Trainings

Overview of the training subjects

Importance of Civic Engagement: Focus on the power of civics education and community engagement during elections and in between elections. Overview of all the ways to be an active community ally.

Voter Registration 101: Lesson will focus on nonpartisan voter registration information and frequently asked questions with a focused priority towards the system-impacted population. 

Types of Elections: Not all elections are the same and they each impact communities differently. Learn about election cycles, terms, where to get election resources and important dates to always keep in mind. 

Propositions and Ballot Measures: Will provide an overview of the initiative process, ballot measures and real examples about their impact, and why education is key.

Legislation and Public Policy: Overview of the legislative process at the state and federal level. How to follow legislation AND public policy actions that will impact your community, and how to influence those actions to make a positive benefit to your communities.

Civics and Representative Government: Learn the difference between Federal, State, County and City services and how they work with each other. More importantly, learn how you fit into the multiple levels of government we all live with. 

Civil Discourse and Nonpartisanship: Focuses on how to create safe spaces for discussion, and moderate difficult and partisan conversations without jeopardizing your 501(c)(3) status.

Messaging and Outreach: Learn how to tailor your message and adapt your outreach to ensure equity and inclusivity. Learn best practices to reach underserved communities with a multi-pronged approach.