Emerging from COVID - What will post-pandemic look like?

Emerging from COVID - What will post-pandemic look like?


online through Zoom
Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 6:00pm to Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 5:45pm

Our panel will include Margaret Holub on spiritual life, Cynthia Wall on personal and family issues, Becky Walker on education, Mary Ann Petrillo from West Business Development Center, Roseanne Ibarra regarding community health, and more.

Join us to discuss what we’ve learned from the COVID era, expectations and hopes for the post-pandemic world, and strategies for making the transition. We want to shift our focus from the undeniable harm we have experienced to the opportunities we face as we rebuild our community, businesses, and personal lives.  Check out this list of “starter” questions. You may want to try answering them (rewritten slightly), write down your answers and review them a year from now:

• What have you learned from the pandemic? What has worked? What will you continue to do differently?

• This break has been an opportunity for a fresh look and a fresh start. Does your sector [you/your family] have some systems, procedures, or assumptions that will get a redesign? Will you use an “equity lens”?

• What is your strategy for planning amid uncertainty? Do you have a timeline?

 • Who in your sector [family/neighborhood/workplace] has been impacted the most (e.g. customers, staff, children, suppliers). How? And how will you address their needs?

• What partnerships will play an important part in your transition and your new reality? • What from the pre-COVID world has turned out to be indispensable?

• What does the recent relief bill offer your sector [you/your family], and what do you still need from the Federal government, from other levels of government?

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