The Board of LWV North & Central San Mateo County

The Board of LWV North & Central San Mateo County

We work to ensure that all citizens have a voice in our democracy.  We welcome your questions and suggestions.


The board of the LWV of North & Central San Mateo County for the board year 2023-24 is

President: Margaret Lukens  (president [at]

Vice President: Gail Whipple (vicepresident [at]

Secretary: Elana Lieberman (secretary [at]

Treasurer: Nicole Niederer (treasurer [at]

Membership: Tina Doede (membership [at]

Communications: Carolyn Belknap (communications [at]

Voter Service: Margie Gater and Kathy Wheeler (voterservice [at]

Action/Advocacy: Edith Jones (action [at]

Program: Linda Jansen (program [at]

Board Members at Large: Afsoon Shahrdar, Seema Patel

Other leadership positions:

Voter Registration: voterregistration [at]

The Voter Newsletter: thevoter [at]

Office Manager: Linda Jansen (lwvoffice [at]

Website: Kathy Wheeler (webmaster [at]

Housing Portfolio: Elana Lieberman (housing [at]

If you have a general question regarding the League, use info [at] and we'll get back to you promptly.