Position In Brief: 

Support a corrections system which has as its primary goal rehabilitation, i.e., the prevention of recidivism, with emphasis on alternatives to incarceration, and on compliance with state standards for facilities and staffing. Support programs and public education to involve the community in rehabilitation.

Position History: 

County position. Adopted 1971, revised 1988, 2000, amended 2010


  • Emphasis on alternatives to incarceration
    • Incarceration should be used primarily to protect the prisoner or the community.
    • Probation should be used when appropriate.
    • Release on own recognizance (ROR) and citations should be continued.
    • Drug and alcohol detoxification centers are recommended.
    • Habitual use of drugs, where no other law has been broken, should be treated as a medical problem by community health resources.
  • Compliance with state standards for facilities, staffing and programs
    • Prisoners who have drug or alcohol problems should have access to rehabilitation programs.
    • A work furlough program for inmates should be maintained in San Mateo County.
  • Programs and public education to involve the community in rehabilitation. See also the LWVC position on Legal Aid.


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North & Central San Mateo County