Position In Brief: 

Support measures which ensure that essential services are provided at all libraries.

Support adequate funding for essential library services.

Support the cooperation and sharing of services among all public libraries in San Mateo County.

Position History: 

Adopted 1983, revised 2003, amended 2010

Essential services at all libraries. Objectives:

  • Each library should have:
    • A basic materials collection, including reference and children’s materials
    • Special collections for the disabled
    • Periodicals
    • Children’s programs
    • At least one professional librarian and at least part-time professional reference and children’s librarians for each librarAccess to computer information services including the Internet
    • Foreign language materials appropriate to the needs of the community.
  • Each library should:
    • Be open during hours of greatest demand, but so that all residents are served
    • Promote literacy services for all ages.

Funding for library services. Objectives:

  • Funding should be primarily from local taxes, and also from grants and voluntary contributions.
  • Fees should be considered, only if necessary, for services not considered essential.

Cooperation and sharing of services. Objective:

This includes such programs as those presently administered by the Peninsula Library System, e.g., patron privileges at any public library in the county, inter-library loans, sharing of reference collections, communication/delivery network, and the Community Information Program.

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