President's Message

President's Message

Photo of Woman with the bear at the State of California Capital


As the first major pandemic of our lives continues to change how we conduct our daily lives, I am sure you will stay home and take care of yourselves and your families. But keep your League antennae alert. As local government grinds to a slower pace, it is easy to focus only on what is happening related to COVID-19, and how various government and private entities are responding. Now is the time to observe carefully if planning was done, how well it was done, what is being done now, and how it all works over the next few months.

Although no one could foresee how this disease would be affecting our communities, the variance in responses is an education in different styles of governing. When this is all over, our society will need to conduct in-depth postmortems of what was done well and what was a done poorly, what were the useful ideas and what wasted time. Our ideas about health care may change dramatically. Our planning for schools and childcare may shift somewhat. Our reliance on electronic communication may be greater than ever before.

In any case, be careful, be kind, and call or email your family and friends often!