Climate Solutions Corner November 2020

Climate Solutions Corner November 2020

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From Carol Parker, Natural Resources Director

Kiss the Ground and Hope


2020 has been a hard year for hope.  If we put all the other traumatic things about this year aside for just a moment, climate change remains one of our biggest existential threats.  This enormity of threat can be so daunting that many of us find it hard to take action or even hope for a solution.

May I recommend the documentary “Kiss the Ground”, now showing on Netflix. Note: See the trailer below. I found this movie very inspiring that we can find solutions to cool the planet.  The movie is about regenerative agriculture.  There are many names and as many definitions of regenerative agriculture, but it is all about practices that regenerate our soil such that it can grow better food, store more water, and importantly, store more carbon from the atmosphere.  

One takeaway from the documentary is that we should support organic, regenerative farming.  How can we do this? One way is to continue to educate ourselves about regenerative farming versus conventional practices.  I am not a farmer that can make any changes, but we all have a lot of power collectively to change farming practices by what we buy in the grocery store.  This has been hard for me as a daughter of a dietician that was trained to buy and make meals economically.  I see now that my spending a little more for organic, sustainably produced food can help climate change.  As a group of activist voters, we can also look for ways to tell our government to support regenerative farming practices, and stop incentivizing methods that are depleting our soils.

As always, we need the government to change its energy and land use policies, we need to lower our own energy use, as well as, make good food choices and lower food waste.  But after watching “Kiss the Ground”, I have much more hope that we will find solutions to combat climate change.


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