Social Justice Update: Now what?

Social Justice Update: Now what?

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As members of the LWV North County San Diego burn the midnight oil polishing the wording of our Pros & Cons presentations and offering North County voters access to League-moderated Candidate Forums its difficult to think too far ahed to what we will be looking at post-Election.  Many members will be looking for relief from the exhaust-ing task this year of delivering critical Voter Services during the Coronavirus and will be reluctant to take on any Action or Advocacy in addressing Racism, Racial Justice and Racial Equity.  The leadership of LWVNCSD will be taking the pulse of members in November to see if we have the energy to move forward on the Call to Action by LWVUS at the National Convention on May 29, 2020.

We Resolve First, That the League advocates against systemic racism in the justice system and, at a minimum, for preventing excessive force and brutality by law enforcement. We also call for prompt actions by all League members to advocate within every level of government to eradicate systemic racism, and the harm that it causes; and,

We Resolve Second, That the League help our elected officials and all Ameri-cans recognize these truths to be self-evident; that Black, Indigenous and all people of color (BIPOC) deserve equal protection under the law; and that we demand solutions for the terrible wrongs done, so that regardless of race, eth-nicity, religion, disability, and gender identity or sexual orientation we may truly become a nation “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

This sounds a bit like the hopes and dreams of those who founded the League of Women Voters 100 years ago when we proclaim in 2020 that we truly become a nation “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” - “regardless of race, ethnicity, reli-gion, disability, and gender identity or sexual orientation.

Does this task remind you of Sisyphus?  (a figure from Greek mythology who got his comeuppance when Zeus dealt him the eternal punishment of forever rolling a boulder up a hill in the depths of Hades.)

Next week we will begin to look at the data from North County regarding the challeng-es we continue to face trying to roll our boulder uphill as we strive for racial justice.

Bill Loftus, Director for Social Policy

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