Community Safety & Guns Group

Community Safety & Guns Group

Photo of panel at our forum on Guns in the Community

The League of Women Voters believe that the proliferation of handguns and semi-automatic weapons in the United States is a major health and safety threat to its citizens...

This is just the beginning of the League of Women Voters’ Public Policy Position on Gun Control which has been carefully reviewed and updated over and over again since the 1990‘s.

The proliferation of guns in our society as a result of the repeal of gun control laws and the passing of pro-gun laws, especially over the last 25 years has resulted in some frightening statistics:

  • There are roughly twice as many guns per capita now as there were in 1968, more than 300 million guns in all.
  • Americans are 25 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries. More people were killed by guns than by car accidents in 2017.
  • On an average day over 100 Americans are killed with guns. In an average month 50 US women are shot to death by intimate partners.
  • Guns are the third-leading cause of death for all Americans under 18.
  • 91 percent of children under 15 who were killed by bullets lived in the United States.
  • More than 208,000 students attending 212 schools have experienced a shooting at school since the Columbine High School massacre.
  • Last year more than 4,000,000 children and teens endured a lock-down at their school, some terrified for hours by the thought that they would die at school that day.

In the 20 years ending in 2012 there was an average of three school shootings per year in California. Right here in San Diego County there have been three school shootings since the year 2000 and just last year there was a mass shooting at an apartment complex. Many of us feel enough is enough and are looking for ways to reduce the risk of gun violence in our community. We have gone to city councils and school boards and requested resolutions that call for stronger gun control laws and call for the end of gun shows at the fairgrounds.

We want to encourage you to express your opinion on this issue and get involved because the NRA is expressing their opinion en masse. We can’t sit on the sidelines anymore, we have to raise our voices together. This group can be a force for good, not just good intentions. If that is what you want as well, please come and learn more. We welcome your participation one time or every time.