Memberships and Renewal using PayPal

Memberships and Renewal using PayPal

MEMBERSHIPS - Renewals, New Members, Past Members and Gift Memberships

Please use the drop down menu to see the different levels of membership available.

If you make a gift donation, add the recipients info in the box at the bottom of this page. All the details will fit and be sent with your payment.

To all new members and those renewing, WELCOME. Be sure to let us know where you would like to get involved.

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PLEASE REVIEW Your information in the shopping cart.

For Corrections, close the screen, then edit information on original entry form and hit "Add to Cart". 
Then, "Delete" the incorrect first item in the cart list.

MULTIPLE MEMBERSHIPS - You can buy more than one Membership in the same shopping cart order, i.e. yours and Gift Memberships.

Send a message to the webmaster if you have questions.