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For the past several years our League has committed time and energy toward educating and advocating on behalf of our adopted Position on Homeless (June, 2018).  As our country has begun to intensely focus on the racial divide it has become apparent to our local Board that we needed to begin educating ourselves on the history of racism in America in a manner not dissimilar from our Study of Homelessness.

The quantity of information coming forward in the media can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we will seek to provide information that is closely related to our State League’s Position on Criminal Justice while not ignoring the other Positions that fall under the umbrella of Social Justice.
Not surprisingly, we can see a nexus between homelessness and the impact of the racial divide even here in San Diego where 5.5% of San Diego County's population registers as Black. However, 27% of the Homeless population of San Diego County is Black.

Our journey begins with an invitation to all members to read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein.

Bill Loftus, Director of Social Policy

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