Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau offers you a knowlegable team to give you a presentation on timely issues.


In the past our League's Speaker's Bureau was a vital part of our community service, providing presentations on matters of interest. Today we are proud to offer five current topics to community groups in our area. The research and the vetting has been done, so all you need to do is contact us at league [at] lwvncsd.org or leave a message at 760-736-1608 and we will get back to you to set up a date and time.

The following are the presentations available now:

Women's Battle for the Vote

Some of this inspiring story you may know...but we bet you'll be fascinated and surprised with this tale of an epic struggle beginning in early America, through to the era of Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott and Elisabeth Cady Stanton (all of whom died before ever getting to vote) and beyond! Also included is a discussion (and/or Q and A) of "Where are We Now?" Great presenters!

Quo Vadis, Immigration Reform?

Where have we been and where are we now with our quest for a just and workable reform of our Immigration Reform legislation. This is an issue that is of interest to us all and is on the table for our national discussion RIGHT NOW! Don't miss this informative and interesting presentation and discussion of the pros and cons of the immigration reforms currently under discussion.

Climate Change, Apocalypse When?

This balanced, fact-based review of both positive and negative scenarios of anticipated changes in our future will help you cut through the hyperbolic rhetoric and politically-charged arguments. It skillfully and clearly explains the scientific basis for making judgments about this critical issue. A terrific team has labored long and hard to bring this presentation forward.

Vote Suppression and Accessing the Vote Now

Recent dramatic Supreme Court rulings have made the Voting Rights Act ineffective in preventing many of the historical abuses to voting rights. This has left many vulnerable to disenfranchisement. We believe our communities need to be made aware of the impending effects of these changes. It includes a review of the history of abuses and the legal battles to prevent them. A discussion and Q and A follows the presentation.

Analyzing Media in the Digital Age

Our newest offering... and just when the next election is starting to heat up (yes, already!). We are in for a year of being bombarded with texts, tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, TV, well, you get the idea! How to make sense of it? Where to turn for true and reliable information? How do we make judgments about information we receive? It's getting complicated! Come and hear about the SMELL test and other strategies for separating truth from hype and bias!
Don't forget, it's easy to book one of these interesting and timely presentations for your next meeting or event. Don't wait, get in touch now!